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Vital Signs Books

Personal and Professional TuneUps

* Practical * Informative * Upbeat * Rejuvenating

Refreshingly down-to-earth books by Cath, the fun not stuffy developer of humans.

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Vital Signs! for Life

In her book, Cath reminds us


▪ It’s important to ask “Do I like my life?”.
▪ We need not goal life to death.

▪ Don’t wait for someone else to make your life interesting.

"By book’s end, you will feel like you have just visited with a wise and dear friend who has your best interests at heart."

  Pat Zigarmi
   Co-founder of Ken Blanchard Companies


Vital Signs! for Customer Care

Taking good care of your customers? It can be tricky.
In Cath's book, inspiration meets practical approaches.

You need both.

"Customer service gets a lot of lip service, but Cath is the master of tools that bring positive results.

If you want to have fun, get practical solutions, add heart to your customer service team and be inspired, read on!"

 D. Locke Epsten, MBA
   Director, Corporate Education,
   University of California, San Diego

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Listen to Cath talk about her book
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