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Keynote w/Cath
The Life TuneUp
A revitalizing oasis in the midst of living.

  Eye-opening  Entertaining Very informative Very fun Time flies by

■ “This makes me cringe!“  Cath
Story: Ft. Smith Arkansas

Key Life Question

The Washer Experiment

The Parking Place Experiment

Live our values! Mind the gap...

Play Book w/Vital Signs! for Life

Story: Christy Turlington

This Is Your Life

“I want for you what I hope you want for you: a life you like living!”

Works well with:

Wellness programs

Conference tone-setters

Companywide refreshers

Retreats Team esprit de corps

WMay 2024.jpg
Cath Kachur DeStefano
■ Speaker ■ Author ■ Diplomat
■ Expert in human relations

Decades-long speaker

Invites participation

Holds attention

Consistently leaves

    humans better off

    wherever she goes.

A force for fun.


Clients and Comments

Pre-purchase for each attendee

_1VALUES Web June 2024.jpg

Life/Work Values Deck sort for fog-clearing clarity

Vital Signs! for Life book for the well-rounded life.

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