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People Skills TuneUps

Upgrade your entire workforce's skills

Expected Outcomes

A series with transformation in mind.

TuneUp #1


Recall names

Communicates respect and connects people.


▪ Experiment with two simple techniques

to transform “I can't” to “I can remember names.” 

Communicate clearly

Saves time and money.

▪ Via magic marker experiment, practice your ability to have your directions and explanations received, as intended.

TuneUp #2


Work Well with Others

No one will be getting a personality transplant anytime soon...adapt.

▪ Treat people how they want to be treated! Figure out their personality/style and tailor your approach.


Build rapport

Builds trust. Communicates “I mean you no harm.”

▪ To increase rapport and put people at ease? Build on similarities. Tune in and match pace and priority.


Series based on this Customer Care Book.


"Interactive, useful, fun and not stuffy!"

TuneUp #3

Calm Upset Humans

Refuse to get upset back.


▪ Practice the #1 calmer: Behind-the-words listening.

▪ Includes listening without interrupting (tricky) or offering solutions.


Encourage Cooperation

Reduce resistance to your suggestions.

▪ To engage others’ cooperation up front, learn and speak the language of cooperation.

Each TuneUp is one hour
with optional Q and A.

Online Zoom

TuneUp #4

Relieve Your Stress

If not you, who?

▪ Includes: Three essentials, a slow-the-zoom experiment, a values clarification exercise and

a next step.

TuneUp Tool Kit

Included with this series of four TuneUps.


Contains all the supplies needed to transform workforce people skills.

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