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Interactive Series w / Cath

People Skills TuneUps

■ Essential Skills for Early-Career ■ Reminders for Mid-Career  

■ Refreshers of What Works for Senior-Career

Expected Outcomes

A series with transformation in mind.

TuneUp #1


Recall names

▪ Experiment with two simple ways to transform “I can't” to “I can remember names.” 

Shows respect and connects us.

Communicate clearly

▪ Via a dominoes experiment, practice our ability to have our directions and explanations received, as intended! 

TuneUp #2


Work Well with Others

▪ Tailor our style and approach

with different humans. Learn the

differences among us and how

to be effective in working with each.


Build rapport

▪ To increase rapport and put

people at ease, tune in and match their pace and priority. Build on


Onsite only / each TuneUp 50 minutes

Questions or queries
Contact Cath

TuneUp #3

Calm Upset Humans

▪ Practice the #1 Calmer: behind-
the-words-empathic listening. 
▪ Practice listening without interrupting (tricky) or offering solutions.


Encourage Cooperation

▪ To encourage others’ cooperation up front, learn to speak a language of cooperation. Reduce resistance to your suggestions.

WMay 2024.jpg
Cath Kachur DeStefano
■ Speaker ■ Author ■ Diplomat
■ Expert in human relations

TuneUp #4

Take Care of You

▪ We are encouraged and responsible to take care of ourself in our 24/7 too-much-to-do world. 

▪ Includes: Slow-the-zoom mindfulness experiment, a values clarification exercise and a next step.

Decades-long workshop leader

Consistently leaves  humans

better off wherever she goes.

 Committed to human interpersonal success.

A force for fun.


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