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Heart Hugs

Beginnings, Reactions, Thoughts & Stories
In 2014, Heart Hoppers came through our imagination and creative natures to add love, kindness and appreciation into the mainstream of our culture and the world. Heart Hoppers have come to be called a tangible "pat on the back" that expresses words of gratitude for all to feel, share and smile in moments rare. 

With over 20,000 Heart Hoppers out in the world so far, the goal is more more more of them to lift spirits and warm hearts with gratitude for what people do, for who they are or just a way to say thank you for a job well done. 

The stories below will continue to grow into a variety of experiences and we thought sharing them would offer you a sense of how these little cards can change a persons day....if not their heart for the better. 
4th edition
Cath chatted with Karen about the psychology behind the Heart Hoppers. Their discussion was very enlightening.
2nd edition
Gratitude - Part 1 (3:42)
Well Being - Part 2 (3:44)
Start with Self - Part 3 (3:38)
Head and Heart - Part 4 (1:16)
Stories people share about Heart Hoppers
Ellen - Hansville, WA
Don H - San Diego
All You Do 200.jpg
Don was traveling to Miami on his way to Europe. He had some Heart Hoppers with him and gave one to the flight attendant as he was getting off the plane. This is what happened next.

When he got into the airport terminal, he immediately called Cath & Charlie to tell them what he experienced. With his excited voice, you could hear the story unfold quickly. 

He said, when she read the "Thank you for you and all you do" Heart Hopper he gave her, she looked up with the most beautiful smile, held the card to her heart and said she loved it and appreciated the gift so much. No one had ever been so gracious and kind, she would say. It's going in my purse forever.

Don was so overwhelmed with her reaction and the feeling he himself felt, that he couldn't contain his excitement and had to make the call to share a story that touched him.
It was truly a moment in time when the giver and receiver connect on a whole different level of gratitude, of appreciating someone else for their great service.

The Heart Hopper served it's purpose, once again, thought Cath and Charlie. Another WIN-WIN.

Donna K. - Mission Hills
Waiting for a flight in the crowded, noisy Portland airport, we found a corner near a pianist playing soothing music.  Everyone seemingly ignored his efforts - on their phones, laptops or talking.  To me, his music brought a calm amidst chaos.

As we left for our flight, I quietly put a Heart Hopper on the piano as he played on.  The pianist lit up with a smile and a nod -- someone was listening !

In an impersonal, chaotic world, noticing these little gifts and sharing a Heart Hopper message can make someone feel seen plus it boosts their happiness and yours !
Patrick T. - Del Mar
A few years ago, our annual conference was being arranged and I thought the Heart Hoppers would be a good addition for our attendees to receive. It would be a good way of appreciating the hundred or so managers and associates that would be attending.

I ordered up the appropriate number of packets and distributed them on the last night of the 3 day event. Along with other items given, the Heart Hoppers were included with a note that said: "You are appreciated and management values your work ethic, good attitude and dedication to our continued success."

The responses to the Heart Hopper Cards were smiles and genuine gestures of gratitude for the thoughtfulness shared. Later, they would mention how delightful it was to give them away and see (and feel) the results of their gifting. I think it worked out well.

Please note: We are collecting 'short audio or video' testimonials of the reactions of people receiving and or gifting Heart Hoppers. If you have a good story, send it along. 


Since we started offering Heart Hoppers in 2014, there are 23,484 Hoppers that are out in the world. We want to triple that amount because appreciation, gratitude and kindness are needed in the world now more than ever.


Send any audio, video or text files to Charlie at and Thank You.
(if files are larger than 10mb, send them using WeTransfer - a free email service)


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