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Keynote w/Cath

The Love TuneUp

What the world needs now

Down-to-earth Clarifying Inspiring Long-lasting ripple effect Fun

Know this: 20 Years of Research

Romantic  Love: Done-Done  Story

The Brown Bowls Story

The Circle of Love Experiment #1

  Everyday Love Experiment #2

The Rice Experiment

Human Big Picture/Keep Love Alive

“You’ll not be asked to hug anyone or stare into the eyes of the human one chair over….Participation in two experiments is optional.” Cath

Works Well With:

Conferences and meetings tone-setter

Organization-wide refreshers

Retreats and wellness programs

Wherever we humans gather

Onsite only / 50 minutes + Q & A

Travels from San Diego

Questions or queries?
Contact Cath

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Cath Kachur DeStefano
■ Speaker ■ Author ■ Diplomat
■ Expert in human relations

Decades-long speaker

Attended Love School

   of Hard Knocks

Consistently leaves

    humans better off

    wherever she goes.

A force for fun.


Clients and Comments

Keep-Love-Alive Options

to pre-purchase for each attendee

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Radiate Love Tee


Heart Hoppers

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