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Cath and Company

Helping humankind move along.

Founded 1979

Human TuneUp Company is our version of “Leave a place better than you found it.”


We know ideas change the course of lives.


We love “seeing the light go on” in us humans and work to help that happen.


And, we’re wild about the ripple effect of all we do!

My Background?

I’m a developer of humans from way back.

Teaching and speaking are threads that run  through my family for generations.


My great Aunt Lizzie was a teacher, then principal. She somehow graduated from Notre Dame (when women didn’t even go there; how did that work…).

My aunt Dot was a teacher, then principal. 
I still remember her teaching me how to use the dictionary when I could yet barely read.

I thought words were the best and I loved  learning.

When it came time to decide my focus 
in college, I chose political science, international relations, and, teaching.

▪ Taught leaders to lead with skill and care

▪ Inspired thousands to stress less

▪ Guided coworkers to develop their people skills.

Now, online!


A new development I wholeheartedly welcome! 
All our presentations offered are now virtual and onsite. 

Still interactive! 

"I know this to be true..." 
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TuneUp Times TUT.jpg



Folk artist


Fun, not stuffy.

Virtual Speaker  Author
Diplomat   Folk artist  Fun, not stuffy.

Cath Kachur DeStefano

"I love what I do and I'll keep doing it until I can't do it anymore."  Cath

Why Tune Ups?

We tune our cars, they work better.

We tune our pianos, they play better.

We tune us, we work, play and live better.


To that end, we offer presentations and products to

▪ Support you growing you.

▪ Build healthy workplaces.

▪ Connect and appreciate you/me/us.

My indulgences?

Colored pens, I have way more than one person should be allowed to have!


Oh, and chocolate. Colored pens and chocolate.

The cartoon people throughout your work?

They came out of my doodling-pen many years ago. The Dude and Dudette were the first.

They appeared in my Vital Signs cartoon in The Niles Daily Star in 1997.They have lots of things to say in a lighthearted way.

We specialize in human bloomin'!

unknown philosopher.jpg

Human Development Expertise

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