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1 of 1 Original Art by Cath

One of a Kind 




Dear Us,

My love of making signs has come to this! This launching of 1/1 Cath Art Originals.


No two alike, ever. Perhaps the same word, but never the same art. 


Watercolor and marker on art paper. 


May you collect and use them for your personal inspiration and for gifts to those you think would love them.


To the new,

Human Kind
Human Kind 21.jpg

"Oh, how we sometimes see something for the first time that has been there all along...seeing the word “kind” was one of those for me.

Humankind.  Kind human."

1/1 - 10” x 7.5”


Diverse - Different yet equal
Diverse 19.jpg

1/1 CathArt

10” x 7.75”


Let’s start here: all are equal.

Let’s see where that takes us...

Human - Deep down decent
Human Deep down decent.jpg

Despite what ideas of us may have been planted humans are deep down decent. Imagine that.

1/1 CathArt

9.75” x 6.75”


Sun Heart Flowers
Sun heart flowers.jpg

First, I went to Hawaii with brushes, pens and paper. And then, I just let them loose.

Nod of respect
Nod of respect.jpg

With a simple nod, it’s as if a gentle spark travels through space and reaches the heart of another. Bingo! Connection. 

Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart

1/1 CathArt

11” x 9”


1/1 CathArt

8” x 3.25”



Every time we hug, my friend Sally says “Heart to Heart.” From one center of love to another. Our true connection. 

1/1 CathArt

9.5” x 8”



When your grandchild runs to you with an ear-wide grin. Ice cream on a hot summer day. Breath. Water. Being alive.

1/1 CathArt

9” x 4”


Human Kind - Stars
Human Kind 20.jpg

1/1 CathArt

10” x 8"


When in doubt,
assume the best.

Kin - My chosen family & friends
Kin my chosen family friends.jpg

Not just blood family or married-into family but also the ones we invite in as family ‘cause we like them. 

1/1 CathArt

10.25” x 8.25”


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