Vital Signs Calendar - 2023


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As it turns out, we humans are just naturally more decent
and kind than we might have been led to believe.

May we see ourselves anew this year.
Sharing the air. Sharing the year.
Focusing on our connection, how nicely diverse we are
and giving a friendly nod to each we meet.


May this year be an “as-you-wish” year for you,
your family and family of friends. 

Glad to be hanging on a wall near you

Buy 10, Get 1 Free
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“If I were Queen for a Day, I would wave my magic wand and spark a
in the love-frequency in our midst!


“Wands. Calendars. Hardly a difference…


“One of my favorites from this calendar is: ‘Once we believe most humans are

decent and kind, everything changes.’ - Rutger Bregman, Humankind

 May your year be lightened with its fun, reflections, love, and kindness.


Hope you’ll be hanging with us in ’23!

And, gift everyone you know too!

Love, take care,


Through the Years with Cath
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