Is there anything deadlier than calling a business and having someone answer the phone with a made-to-say greeting using a rote, insincere tone of voice?

“Good Morning, this is XYZ; we aim to serve you with our very best.”

Stop it. Please.

I always think this kind of approach is an insult to intelligent customers and employees. If this is your workplace, please discuss this policy and see if it might be changed.

When you are encouraged (and not ordered) to add your personal touch to your service, it adds life and it’s more real. Customers feel the difference.
A workplace can be a messy place.

All those personalities.
Everyone mixed in together.
Different languages, cultures, belief systems,
preferences, skill levels, egos and attitudes. Whew!

Somehow all these differences create teams that make up departments that form companies.

The trick in all this? It is to not see one person as more important than another but to see “we’re all in this together.”

Is this true where you work? Is there rivalry between various departments of the same organization? Where there ought to be cooperation, is there competition?

Those behaviors do not create a unified team. Consider the ultimate bottom line: You are all in this together, united in serving your customers.
If for some reason you cannot all get on the same cart going down the same street together, at least unite behind the quality of the service you provide to your customers.

Hop on board. Bring everyone along. We’re all in this together.
Everyone is playing a part so the whole works.
Autographed by Cath
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Hop on Board
Your Personal Touch
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Next-Steps Checklist
If you are inspired to excel in your customer and co-worker relationships, you may use this checklist to identify the tools and techniques you would like to employ to reach your goal.

Setting the Right Tone
• Circle-of-service mind map

People Skills
• How to restore patience
• How not to upset yourself
• Customers with attitude: 2 experiments
• Had enough of The Public? 5 approaches to help
• Done with where you work? Possible steps
• 2 Attitude tune-ups
• Customer/co-worker found-your-last-nerve advice
• 3 Help-each-other experiments
• 3 Approaches to get customers on your side
• How to read 4 types of customers/co-workers
• 4 Ways to add your personal touch
• How not to be cranky back
• 2 Suggestions to calm the angry
• Listening skill to defuse anger
• Words customers love to hear

The Ripple Effect
• 5 Ways to increase positive word-of-mouth
• Treating employees well
• How to engage employees
• 4 Ways bosses can communicate they care
• Add heart to your customer service

Benefits are many: Employees are refreshed and skilled in the art of customer care!
Consider these four ways to add your personal touch:

• Put a slip of paper with a favorite quote in your customer’s bag. It’s just unusual enough; it makes you more memorable.

• Send a handwritten note of appreciation to a long-time customer. Not many do this anymore, so this turns into another very memorable act.

• Send it along when you see something that reminds you of one of your customers. Could be an article with some information she needs. Could be a cartoon that hits the spot.

• Add warmth and a tone of genuinely wanting-to-help to your unique voice when greeting your customers.

The point is? Add your touch. Put your style into the equation.

Get the personal touch reputation.
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