In front of over 2100 audiences, Cath has been encouraging and using the most innovative means to engage employees, create loyal customers and help us all live fulfilling lives.

Along with writing books, Vital Signs! for Customer Care and Vital Signs! for Life, and providing corporate training through University of California San Diego, Cath has engaged and inspired her customers around the world for 30 years.

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Since1979, developing people in non-profits, small businesses and multinational corporations.
“The Tune-Up is the best program we have ever provided for our people. They are still talking about it.” Nestle’

“Cath in one of the most creative presenters in this business.”
                                             Ken Blanchard, One Minute Manager

“Great speaker – best one yet! I really loved her genuine style of delivery. Very funny and charismatic. Down-to-earth and likable. Great at capturing attention and keeping everyone engaged.”
    UC San Diego
Cath has a down-to-earth speaking style with a gift for humor; she makes you laugh while she makes you think.
Operations: Charlie DeStefano; Advisors: Lisa M. Piatek, Betty Heidrich, Julia Dotson,Victoria Whiles and Kathy McMillen
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